Below is a selection of artists who have recorded at Incremental Records. Follow the links to Bandcamp streams, etc.


Terra Pines (fka Tall Pines) – Downbeats LP (recording, mixing, mastering), Terra Pines LP, Munchausen EP (recording, mixing, mastering)

Tape/OffWork Xmas Party single (recording, mixing, mastering), Broadcast Park LP (recording)

Dumb ThingsTime Again LP (recording, mixing, mastering), Dumb Things LP (recording, mixing, mastering)

Renovator’s DelightBark All Night LP (recording, mixing, mastering)

Adele & The ChandeliersUp There For Thinking single (mixing), First Date LP (recording, mixing)

Spirit BunnyUncanny Valley LP, Spirit Bunny LP (recording, mixing, mastering)

Fleur Fatale – Small Talk EP (recording, mixing)

A Country PracticeI Will Leave This Town While There’s Still Light LP (mixing, mastering)

Olivia’s WorldTuff 2B Tender EP (recording)

Aren’tCreatures Of Habit EP (recording, mixing, mastering)

Ancient ChannelsMoments In Ruin LP (recording, mixing, mastering)

The Bear HuntGoodnight, Sweet Losers LP (recording, mixing)

loulouIt Spills Out EP (recording, mixing, mastering)

The Songs of Tom Smith – Sanity LP, Dandy At The End Of The World LP, The Whole World Is Telling Me Lies LP, Rock’n’Roll Rooster LP, Trigger Warning LP, Rock Mass Rodeo LP, Tonna Love To Dump LP (ALL recording, mixing, mastering)

Special Features – Same Things EP (recording, mixing, mastering)

Go To SleepGo To Sleep LP (recording, mixing)

DEAFCULTDEAFCULT EP (recording, mixing, mastering)

GriegDetritus LP, Retaliate First LP (recording, mixing)

Gold StarsGold Stars LP (recording, mixing)

Bad BangersHooray For Everything (recording, mixing, mastering)

Smallest HorseAfraid Of Spiders single (recording, mixing)

Good BoyPlum EP, Shirk Life EP (recording)

Hands On HeartCracking single, Leave single (recording, mixing, mastering)

VelociraptorHunk With A Hunch single (recording, mixing, mastering)

TurnpikeWhere There Is Nothing (recording, mixing, mastering)

Greg CharlesRough Music (recording, mixing, mastering)

Jeremy NealeLet Me Go Out In Style (recording on ‘Let Me Go Out In Style’ and ‘Danger’)

Dollar BarHot Ones (recording)

A Savage GodA Savage God (recording, mixing)

Go Go FishIf I’m Going Down I’m Taking You With Me EP (recording, mixing)

Harley Young & The HaymakersFlinders Parade (recording, mixing)



DZ Deathrays


Ghost Notes

The Rational Academy

James X. Boyd

Dune Rats

Go Violets

  • Teenager, Runner from Heart Slice EP (recording)
  • Demo (recording, mixing, mastering)


Danyl Jesu

BARGE with an antenna on it

The Rusty Datsuns

Dick Nasty


  • Those Girls single (recording, mixing)
  • Citrus demo (recording, mixing)

Little Scout

  • The Well single (recording, mixing)
  • The Dead Loss EP (recording, mixing)


The Currawongs

Tiny Spiders

Gung Ho

  • Twin Rays 7″ (recording, mixing)

No Anchor

Butcher Birds

Running Gun Sound

Tiger Beams

  • Tiger Beams (recording, mixing, mastering)

Mass Migration

  • Mass Migration (recording)

And many, many more…