Recording Services

Incremental Records provides the following services:

  • Recording

Basically, this is setting up the instruments, putting microphones in front of them, pressing record and getting the musicians to play. This can include any editing of the resulting recordings that might be needed.

  • Mixing

Mixing is taking is taking the audio recorded in the previous step and balancing everything to create the song. Tools such as equalisation, compression, reverb etc are used to shape the sonic qualities of each instrument to create the desired aesthetic for the song.

  • Mastering

Mastering is the process of readying a completed (ie: tracked, edited and mixed) recording for release. It is the last step in the creation of a song / record, and can be used as the final chance to catch any sonic flaws introduced in the prior steps. Tools such as equalisation and compression make each song on a record sound cohesive and bring the overall sound quality to a level comparable to other records.

At Incremental we are flexible with the degree to which we will become involved in the creative side of the recording process. If a client has a clear idea of what they want from the session then we can keep to simply minding the technical aspects of the recording and ensuring that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. However, we are also happy to become involved in production, arranging, even composition and a small degree of performing if that’s what’s needed.