The following rates come into effect from July 2016.

All rates below include the services of house engineer Cameron Smith and all of Incremental’s gear and facilities.

  • Weekdays (before 6pm): $35/hour, $250 for 8hrs.
  • Single-day weekends*, Evenings: $45/hour, $350 for 8hrs
  • Multi-day weekends*: $300 for 8hrs
  • * Public holidays at weekend rates

A full 8hr session comes at a slight discount compared to the hourly rate. A standard 8hr day is generally 0930 – 1750, but can be moved slightly earlier or later – longer days may be possible on request, with additional hours charged at the hourly rate. The minimum attended booking is 2hrs.

Currently Incremental is available for bookings Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

All services (ie: recording, mixing, mastering, etc) are charged at the same rate.

Please contact us to discuss how much time you’ll need for a given recording session.